Friday, December 26, 2008

Need Some Help Doing Your Paperwork?

This is what I do:

Program Designs for those applying to be vendored by a regional center to have a facility for the developmentally disabled for either an Adult Residential Facility (ARF) or Residential Facility for the Elderly (RCFE) .

Part B for licensing for any ARF or RCFE, including an ARF for Mental Health or for a regular RCFE.

What I don't do:

Anything for group homes. (Group Homes are staff-operated facilities for ages 0 to 18.)

Part A of the licensing packet because it is about you, your finances, your budget, your staffing plan.

For the regional center, you must do your own staffing hours as this is complicated and something you will need to know how to do.

I also don't do program designs for Inland Regional Center as they are adamant that the new administrator do their own.

What I need to know:

Name of facility. (Many regional centers want you to use only your last name or the street name.) For mental health facilities and regular RCFE's you can use whatever name you desire.

Address of facility.

Mailing address.

Phone numbers.

Administrator's Name.

Owner of the Facility.

How many clients/residents? Shared rooms? Or single rooms?

Sex preferred or Coed?

What type of facility? ARF or RCFE, Mental Health ARF?

If to be vendored by a regional center, which regional center?

If with a regional center what Level of clients do you want?

If a Level 4, what letter and why? Are you taking behavior clients, or those who need help with all activities of daily living? or have medical needs?

What kind of behaviors are you willing to take? What kind won't you take?

What kind of medical conditions are you willing to take? What kind won't you take?

If you are wanting to be vendored by a regional center, you need to have already contacted them to find out what their needs are and to find out what steps you have to take to be vendored. Some require that you already have a licensed facility, most require that you attend an orientation before submitting a program design.

To find out my rates, email me at In the subject line put Help with Part B or Help with Program Design.

If you have yahoo email, be sure to put me as a trusted sender as sometimes they won't deliver my email.